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Adobe, eRoket is now XMP partner with Adobe. If you need our expertise in this field, contact us.

FotoTrafiX 2 is fully supporting XMP and new IPTC Core. FotoTrafiX 2 is only available by requests.

Solution Provider

eRoket specializes in Digital Imaging integration.
Each company is unique, that is why we provide solutions detailed to your needs. eRoket is able to provide an optimum answer.
When working with digital images, you face new obstacles every day, eRoket is here to help you tackle any challenges thrown your way.
Check out our products, services and solutions. If digital images are your business eRoket is the right partner for you.


We find our strength comes from years of experience in the digital imaging industry. Allow us to leverage our know-how, and innovative ideas to benefit your business and bring you into the future of digital image processing:

  •  Media Management & Hosting
  •  Consulting
  •  Integration
  •  Solutions

    Our invaluable expertise allows our clients to save precious time with their digital imaging needs:

  •  Workflow Process Engineering
  •  Archiving
  •  Web Publishing
  •  Media Acquisition & Transmission
  •  Products

    We constantly; review, select, and strive to offer new products the needs of each area of the digital imaging industry:

  •  Orphea MAS & Web Server
  •  FotoTrafiX